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Ballyclare Nursery School
Grange Drive
Ballyclare BT39 9EY
Tel/Fax: 02893 352982
Principal: Mrs Emma Corry BA ED Hons NPQH
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Visits, Events/Activities for Children
These are a sample of the activities we provide for the children (these vary each year).
Button: Jo JinglesButton: Jo JinglesAt our Jo Jingles sessions, children can play percussion instruments expressively, sing songs, hold a tune and find the rhythm to move and dance to. Most importantly, the children have lots of fun and everybody joins in.
Special Activities
MusicThis year the children will enjoy visits from Big Bad Bass (an Ulster Orchestra trio), Exploris, R.S.P.B., the Rain Forest Adventurers and Armagh Planetarium. We are also privileged to work with Liz Weir, a fantastic local story teller and Anu Sundaralingam, A Sri Lankan artist and both these ladies provide a valuable specialist input into our work with the children.
The school photographer comes every year to take individual and class photographs.
GreenmountLast year parents,staff and children rounded off the year with a very enjoyable PTA barbeque in Carnfunnock Country Park.
Helping Others
Every year we send shoe boxes to Romania, and have a sponsored tricycle ride.
Last year we donated money to Marie Curie's Daffodil Appeal and the children thoroughly enjoyed planting and looking after their daffodil bulbs. The school regularly donates to local charities such as The N.I. Children's Hospice, The Heartbeat Trust, Scope and the N.I. Children's Haemophilia Centre.
Jobs people do
Norman McBride NEELB Road Safety OfficerWe try to arrange visits from police, ambulance and fire brigade but sometimes this is just not possible due to severe demands on their time. The school was very pleased to welcome several of our parents who were willing to share their work experiences with the children. Noah's mum, a radiographer came into Nursery to show the children how a scanner works. The children were thrilled to see live pictures of Mrs Healy's baby in her tummy.
We were delighted that Seth's mummy, who is a physiotherapist, came into Nursery to tell us how she helps people move again after they have hurt themselves.
Both of these visits had such an impact on the children's learning, bringing to life what they had seen in picture books.
Where Children come first